Add Your Whale Photos to Our Flickr Group

Have you been out for a whale watch with us? Did you get some photos of the whales? If so, add your pictures to the Alpha Whale Watch Flickr group!

We will be adding photos taken by our photographer to the group, as well as featuring some of our favorite passenger photos here on our website. To add your pictures, just join the Alpha Whale Watch Flickr group and tag your pictures “alphawhalewatch”. Our favorites will be featured here.

We can’t wait to see your photos!

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One Response to “Add Your Whale Photos to Our Flickr Group”

  1. Hi
    I recently went on the Alpha Whale Watch boat Dixie IV.
    There were my six grandchildren ages 4 to 13 in our group. The captain and crew took extroadinaryly good care of all of us, and made us feel welcome and comfortable. It was wonderful how the crew engaged the children, who had never seen the ocean before, and explained everything to them. At times we were in sight of the larger whale watch boats which seemed to be mobbing the whales they sighted. The Alpha captain moved to more distant whales where we would be the only boat. The Dixie was speedy and manuverable and once she was in place, the whales were not put off by her presence. We got really close to a group with a mother and nursing calf who lingered at the surface.
    The calf rolled over and over in juvenile pleasure much to our delight. Dixie’s crew knew how to communicate with the whales in such a way that they approached the craft out of curiosity.
    I would recommend this whale watch outfit to anyone who wants a deep personal experience with the whales and with the attentive and insightful crew at Alpha Whale Watch.

    Vaughn Judson - August 25th, 2009 at 10:37 AM